Hypnosis for Career Success

Use the Techniques of Top CEO’s and Entrepreneurs to Accelerate Your Career with Hypnosis for Career success

Hypnosis has been used by successful individuals such as CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and top performers in various fields for years. This technique has been proven to be effective in transforming one’s career by developing the essential qualities and beliefs that can enable an individual to reach the top and stay there. With hypnosis, people can overcome fear, self-doubt, and the imposter syndrome that often holds us back from achieving our full potential. It can help you discover your hidden strengths, build confidence, and develop a positive mindset that will allow you to perform at your best. By using hypnosis, you can tap into your innermost desires and motivations, align them with your career goals, and create a path to success that is uniquely yours. So, if you want to take your career to the next level, consider the power of hypnosis.

How long will it take to make these changes?

 By investing just 1 hour of your time each week, and dedicating 30 minutes each day to homework, you can develop the skills you need in just 6 weeks.

Achieving career success is a goal that many individuals strive for, but only a select few are able to reach the pinnacle of their field. It takes more than just hard work and determination to become a part of the elite 1 or 2 per cent, as it requires a certain set of qualities and habits that are unique to those who have achieved such success. Fortunately, my expertise lies in providing individuals with the tools and techniques necessary to attain these qualities and habits, and I can do so in just 6 weeks. I have worked with many successful executives and entrepreneurs who understand that in order to succeed they must continually develop and strengthen certain qualities and habits. 

During our sessions together, you will discover the power of hypnosis and how it can be used to propel you to the top of your field. 

So if you’re ready to take your career to the next level and become the best in your field, I encourage you to reach out to me today and discover how I can help you achieve your goals. Together, we can create a personalized plan that is tailored to your individual needs and ensure that you have the tools and resources you need to succeed.

The qualities I will enable you to develop


What are these qualities?


1. The belief that you can and will succeed

2. The Resilience to overcome challenges and setbacks

3. The Consistency to perform at a high level, no matter what is happening in your personal life.

4. The ability to rise to the big occasion and show that you have the true X factor to stand above the rest

What is your commitment to make this a success?

To succeed we need an hour a week together (online) for 6 weeks and for you to dedicate 20 minutes a day to do what I ask you to do between our sessions.

In these 6 weeks I will change your subconscious thoughts about yourself to give you the belief, resilience, clarity and confidence. I will show you how to thrive under pressure and perform at your best in the events and times that you need to step up.

What is my credibility to do this?



I am one of the world’s most experienced RTT Hypnotherapists. I was one of the first people trained by the founder of RTT Hypnotherapy, Marisa Peer. I have worked directly for Marisa as her ‘in house’ therapist and I have helped more than 2,000 people make major shifts in their confidence, belief and performance.


Prior to becoming a hypnotherapist I had a very successful career in the corporate world. I held many senior positions in some of the world’s leading consulting and technology companies. I oversaw budgets of hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of employees. I became a business turnaround specialist, going into organisations and quickly delivering on major transformation programs. At the heart of these change programs was my approach to getting the people in the organisation to perform at their best. I believed that when you get people to believe in themselves and their mission then incredible change can happen.



So I bring my experience of what it takes for people to succeed in their careers with the mindset training and skills that enable people to perform way beyond what they believed possible.

What is the methodology that I use?



I looked at many coaching methodologies and what the business schools were teaching people. What I saw was that all the methodologies out there failed to cover the most important aspect of coaching success.  They were all about telling people what needed to be done without giving people the mindset skills that they need. 


So I took one of the longest established coaching methodologies that I came across and expanded it to provide the vital missing ingredient. I call this methodology BOOST Performance Coaching. In BOOST I give people the belief and the know how to succeed in theri career.

How do I find out more?


Are you are serious about stepping up in your career. Do you want to get to the level you dream of. Do you want to earn significantly more than you have been. Are you willing to do the work required to get you there and listen to someone who knows how to make you succesful?


Then reach out and book an initial call with me to explore how I can help you and if you will benefit from this program.

What Results do my Clients Get?

“I felt stuck at my level. I believed that I was capable of operating at Board Level but I had many things getting in the way. I doubted my abilities. I struggled to speak up in meetings, I was overlooked for the big jobs. Within 6 weeks of working with Jonathan I experienced significant changes at work. What’s more others were noticing these changes in me. I was more confident, I enjoyed speaking up and getting heard in meetings. I was giving off a whole different vibe that changed how people were reacting to me. Within six months I was offered a Director Level role that was a huge step up for me. I went into it full of confidence and believing in my ability. I now receive regular calls from executive headhunters about jobs that previously seemed out of reach for me. The time and money I spent with Jonathan is undoubtedly the best investment that I ever made. 


Julia, London.

hypnosis for career success