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Are you feeling stuck or trapped? Are you frustrated in your life? Are you looking to make a change in your personal or work life but just feel overwhelmed? Imagine if you could go from feeling stuck or overwhelmed, to seeing a clear path to the future that you want? I work with people who are looking to make changes in their life and who are going through big life events such as divorce, redundancy, loss of purpose or exiting a successful business or career.

Making change in your life can feel scary. Even if you want to make changes, there will be many things that hold you back from stepping out into that future that you dream of. Maybe you doubt your own abilities. Perhaps you are worried what other people will think. Perhaps you lack the know how to bring about this change. 

These are frictions that will hold you back. If you are stuck in a career that you no longer love. If you are in a relationship that is no good for you. If you want to do something more meaningful with your life. or if you want to step back from the business that you built to enjoy the rewards of your work. Unless you remove these frictions you will stay being trapped, unhappy and unfulfilled. 

Combining 20 years experience of coaching people through change and my skills as a Therapist, I help you reduce or remove those frictions and step confidently forward.


1. I give you the belief that what you want is available to you and make your desire to go forward stronger than the  fears that hold you back.

2. I work with you to show you the steps that you need to cross that Bridge from where you are to where you want to be.

3. I give you the support to work through the difficult decisions and create solutions wherever you may see problems.

I can help you because I have been on this journey. I have experienced all of those life events. I have been in a career where I was very successful but desperately unhappy. I wanted more from my life but didn’t know how to get it. After many years of struggle I found my way to make those changes. I made many mistakes on the way. Now I work with others who want to make changes without the mistakes and setbacks that I experienced. What I learned is that if you are successful in a life that you do not enjoy, imagine how successful and happy you can be doing what gives you joy and what makes use of your passions and skills. 


I believe that you have a choice in life. You can choose to continue to live in fear and feel stuck or unhappy in your life. In this state of fear, nothing will ever change because the fear will win.Or, you can choose to live in possibility. When you live in possibility you believe that you can have what you want. You see solutions to every problem. You create the momentum to overcome those frictions. Life feels a whole lot better when you choose to live in possibility.


Using my experience and my unique coaching methodology I can give you the belief to succeed, the know how to move forward and the support to see you through the challenges that you will face on your journey.

If you would like to explore how we could work together to make your dreams a reality book a  free  call with me now using the button below.

Client Testimonial How Kyle, changed his life using BOOST Coaching.
“I asked the Marissa Peer Organisation for a list of their best RTT therapists and right at the top was Jonathan. Right from the start he had a way of speaking with me where I’d felt we’d been friends for life. He asked me to describe my issues from my perspective and he listened, more intently than any of my family or close friends. We went through a total of three RTT sessions, each one more telling and revitalizing than the previous. They built upon each other, like stairs leading upwards. Jonathan’s sage voice and calming presence allowed me to share things about myself that I’ve never told anyone, and that’s one reason why it was powerful. As I look back on the last few years of my life, which have also been some of the hardest, much of the enormous progress that I’ve made goes back to those first meetings with Jonathan.
I soon discovered that Jonathan was not only a great Therapist but also a great coach, with lots of experience in helping people make major shifts in their lives. I was ready to make major change in my life and now wanted the know how and confidence to make that change. Jonathan’s powerful BOOSt Methodology was the natural choice for me.
The BOOST program is a great platform for getting organized to achieve whatever it is you want to accomplish in life. I had already gone down the accounting route, bachelors, masters, CPA, and I was well on my way to becoming the next CFO at the company where I was working. But through it all it felt like something was missing. It took a traumatic life event to open my eyes to the fact that I wasn’t happy and after about a year and half of downward spiral, I did RTT with Jonathan. That process led on to BOOST as I discovered that my real passion was in music. Many people look at the music industry and think you’d have to be insane to try to make it there. Over the course of 8 weeks, Jonathan helped me develop a plan with progressive, actionable items. He helped me flesh out every aspect of the business that I wanted to create and best of all, he helped me develop the confidence to work towards it. One of the big first steps in that plan was to pursue a degree in music production from Berklee College. I’m now a few short semesters away from completing that degree and the knowledge it has provided is invaluable. Combining that with the plan we created using BOOST, I’m confident that I will achieve my dreams. And really, isn’t that what life is all about?”

Kyle, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA