Delivering results to my clients
I pride myself on delivering results for my clients. Here are examples of what my clients say about my work
“Jonathan enabled me to see how I acquired the beliefs that were holding me back in my business. In just one session he got to the root cause of my issue and left me feeling brilliant. After just one session I have significantly reduced my anxiety and increased my self belief. For the first time in years I sleep through the night now. I came to RTT after trying many other approaches. I was a bit skeptical at first but was amazed by the results.”
Peter , London, UK
in Just one session I was able to overcome my my vertigo and other physical issues. Jonathan enable me to understand where these issues came from and to firmly put them behind me. I have significantly reduced the medication that I take as a result. My physical and mental wellbeing has been transformed by the 2 sessions that we have done together. I sleep better and have much more energy and calmness in my life”
Lilly, London, UK
“Jon is a highly gifted Rapid Transformational Therapist and having a session on abundance with him was a transformative experience! He is amazing at touching on the core elements of the subconscious mind, in a truly loving and healing way. In just one session of RTT through video-conferencing, Jon unlocked something buried deep inside of me that allowed me a clear understanding as to why I was subconsciously still holding onto unhealthy thought patterns and long held limiting beliefs. All of a sudden it all made sense! Jon has really empowered me to be able to let go and I am feeling more like myself now than I have in a very, very long time! I’m very grateful for such a phenomenal shift and I can’t wait to see where the next step leads. Do not hesitate to book a session with Jon, I cannot recommend him enough! “
Ilaria Ricci, Italy.
“Thank you so much for our session together yesterday. I was nervous about sitting down and unpacking the memories and issues I have been experiencing and feeling at the back of my consciousness. I’ve been aware that they are holding me back but I was scared to face them – I kept them at the back of my mind for a reason after all!
However, I felt completely at ease with you and during our session. I didn’t experience the anxiety that I had expected, thanks to your methods and your caring manner. I felt supported, understood and warmly accepted by you and receiving that is something very special from one person to another. I can tell you now that even now less than 24 hours later, that that two hours together has been transformational for me. I feel less anxious in my chest, more happy to just sit with myself and think about what needs doing, and when I sit down to relax with some TV I feel like I’m choosing to do that – as opposed to doing it to avoid the fears and thoughts I was having.
I listened to your recording for me today and found myself getting emotional when you said, ‘you are good enough, you’ve always been good enough’. I think you’ve genuinely found some of the deepest things I’ve struggled with and with your help I have already started to overcome those.
So once again, a deepest thank you.
Ben Fox, Oxford ,UK.
“I have started a new venture and required the confidence and belief to push forward with the highest self-belief on this new exciting and scary journey. Jon was able to introduce RTT to me and the early results are very positive. Jon is great to deal with, makes you feel at ease and is a great practitioner. He has the credibility and delivery capability to deliver fast results. I would not hesitate to recommend him. “
Andy McDonald , Oxford, UK
“I’m generally quite a private person, I prefer to focus on others around me and not myself, but with Jonathan I felt completely safe at ease. He has a natural way of holding a nurturing and safe space which allowed me to open up and effectively address my personal issues. His voice was very calm and strong as he gently guided me through the process. I’m still feeling the positive effects of our session to this day. I highly recommend Jonathan. 5 stars!!! “
Rachel McBride , New York , USA.
“Highly recommend checking My Fit Mind out!! Using RTT, Jon guided me to amazing memories that helped solve the mystery of my behaviours toward food and dieting. From the moment our video call finished I noticed the difference in my mindset and with his help I feel like I have a better knowledge of what my mind and body actually need to be at their optimum! Jon is patient, empathetic and easy to trust. I particularly appreciate being able to do this session in the comfort of my own home and a seamless video call felt natural and easy going. (Not what I anticipated if I’m honest) . Jon recorded audio of the last section of our session, that he sent me via WhatsApp, and I listen to it when I feel old habits trying to creep back in!! I found the whole experience relaxing, cathartic and frankly incredible! A must for everyone who wants to know how the unconscious mind holds onto habits we no longer need to succeed and change for the better. Rapid Transformation Therapy really does do what it says on the tin, and Jon is both talented and gifted!
Rochelle, Guildford, UK
I’ve had 3 sessions with Jon now and feel like a completely different person! Having first seen Jon about helping me recover from a serious career ending injury I feel stronger than ever. Just after the first session, myself and others, could already see a difference in my calmness and mental health and a month down the line just got better. Couldn’t recommend enough!
Ross Hampshire, Oxford, UK