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My Story
I had just turned 40. From the outside mine looked like the perfect life. However, everything was not okay. I had deep rooted issues with anxiety and a a lack of belief that I was battling with every day. My anxiety ended up making me physically ill. I ended up being off work for many months. It was at that point that I realised I needed to make real changes in my life.
I no longer wanted to take medication. I was fed up of talking to counsellors about the same things, re-opening the wounds and just having a chat. I wanted to get better and move on not keep talking about the past and re-opening wounds. I wanted to get back to my vibrant, vital, energised self. But how could I do this?
Someone suggested I check out Hypnotherapy and specifically the work of Marissa Peer and her Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). I was told that her approach went far beyond regular hypnotherapy and people I knew achieved great results. I was a bit skeptical but I decided I would give it a try. I had tried what seemed like every other therapy. So what did I have to lose?
I read her book. I liked the approach. It was practical, outcome focused and had great reviews.It just made sense to me. I booked a session of therapy. I was still a bit skeptical because it seemed too good to be true. It was however what I can only describe as a truly life changing experience for me. In just one session I understood where my anxiety came from, was able to look at those life events in a totally different way and just suddenly began to feel good about myself. I felt like I used to feel again.
I discovered that we do not have to accept our lot. That I did not have to live with anxiety, that I did not have to put up with constant muscle pain and that I did not need to take medication. This change in my thinking enabled me to get back on the right trajectory and to take action to change my situation rather than just accept where I was heading.
As a result of my RTT Therapy I was able to overcome my anxiety, step out of a job I hated and deal with difficult issues in my personal life that I had been avoiding . I discovered that there were so many people like me. People who had then been knocked off course by events like divorce and redundancy. It became my mission to help people like me. People who wanted to take back control, regain their mojo and vitality. I knew that this was my calling and it was what I had to do. It gave me purpose, motivation and energy to make a difference and make up for lost time. It meant I could extract myself from toxic situations and people and help myself get back to my true self while knowing that I could make a difference to others.
This led me to set up My Fit Mind. I chose the name because I had come to understand that our mind is the control centre of our whole body. Our well being starts with our mental well-being. When we learn to understand our mind and most importantly how to take control of our mind can we truly take back control and create the kind of future that we want – that we deserve. I retrained as a Therapist with Marissa Peer. Many hundreds of clients later and I am now one of her elite band of Approved Specialist Therapists, helping her clients to overcome anxiety, lack of confidence and physical symptoms of anxiety.
I have recently published my first book, which quickly became a Best Seller, in which I share what I have learned so others can get the results I did, in less time and with less wrong turns along the way.
Wherever you are at in your life, you have the power to make change. I can help you to let go of the past, lose your fear and approach the future without the burdens of the past. You can make rapid and lasting change.
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