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Hypnotherapy and RTT Therapy
Change Your Thoughts and Change the Results in Your Life

Hypnotherapy (or hypnosis) as its often called in North America is a safe and powerful therapy  for allowing you to change unhelpful thoughts, feelings, habits and behaviours. Hypnotherapy has many applications and is known for getting quick results, often for long standing and deeply embedded issues.


Many people come to me with issues that they have been unable to resolve using ‘Talking Therapies’. Many people find that such therapies help them understand where their issues come from. However, what they really want is to resolve these issues. This is where hypnotherapy is very powerful, because it can allow you to change how you think. It allows you take on board ‘better thoughts’ that better support what it is you want to achieve.


RTT Therapy (Rapid Transformational Therapy) is a more comprehensive approach to Hypnotherapy that is focused upon helping people deal with the ‘Root Cause’ of the issues that they want help with. RTT Therapy allows your emotional mind, that is holding on to these issues to ‘let go’ of what is pulling you back from moving forward. 


RTT sessions are longer than Hypnotherapy sessions as in RTT there are effectively three stages in a session


1. Uncovering the real root cause of the issues that you are struggling with

2. Letting go of the old, unhelpful thoughts and feelings

3. Giving you the new thoughts, feelings and behaviours that you want to have


Most traditional Hypnotists and hypnotherapists focus primarily on the Third Part of this process.


I deliver both Hypnotherapy and RTT Therapy, based upon what I think is most appropriate for the individual and the issues that they are facing. Typically I will recommend RTT when the issue(s) are more complex and deep rooted. I always have an initial conversation with my clients to gauge what help they need so that I can ensure that we will achieve the results that you want.

Because of my experience I can always make sure that I take the approach that you as an individual need. I am comfortable dealing with almost any  issue. 


I was personally trained by Marisa Peer (The famous Hypnotherapist and Founder of RTT)  and worked directly for Marisa, as her ‘in-house Therapist’ providing RTT sessions to her personal clients, across the world. I have presented  alongside Marisa at global symposiums and I am one of the most experienced and respected RTT Therapists globally. I have deep experience of working with all of the tools in RTT.

In my work as a Hypnotherapist and RTT Therapist I have helped thousands of people to overcome a variety of challenges, usually in just 1 to 2 sessions.

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84% of people report getting the results they want from just  1 session with me.

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Client Testimonials
I feel less anxious in my chest, more happy to just sit with myself and think about what needs doing, and when I sit down to relax I feel like I’m choosing to do that – as opposed to doing it to avoid the fears and thoughts I was having. So once again, a deepest thank you.
Ben Fox, Oxford, UK
“It was great to be able to dig deep into my subconscious mind and find the rooted reasons and circumstances which brought upon my performance anxiety issues and regain my confidence in all aspects of my life. I strongly recommend.

Joanna Gallanis, London, UK

“I would have described myself as a broken man who thought that I was beyond help!
Jonathan worked his magic and I was waking up feeling that I was good enough and I always have been good enough.
James Kirkham, Thame UK
“My 11 year old son had just started his secondary school and was feeling very out of sorts and nervous. .
He is much more relaxed now, enjoying school mostly and still doing well.
Chris Badger, Witney, UK