Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy

The really sad reality is that diets do not work. Numerous studies show that between 80-95% of people who lose weight on a diet put it all back on again within 1 year. Even more worrying is that these diets are often extremely unhealthy in themselves.

Lose weight, safely and permanently with hypnotherapy  for weight loss. Hypnosis allows you to change your thoughts about food. Lose cravings, break your habits and build a better relationship with food.

When you are on a diet your mindset is about sacrifice. You may tell yourself things like “I so love chocolate but I mustn’t eat it.” Or “this diet is hell” or “I feel so miserable. ” Guess what? Your subconscious mind is going to overrule all of your best intentions about losing weight and keep egging you on to have that chocolate because it believes that chocolate makes you happy! This is why diets continually fail. Using hypnotherapy I will enable you to have a healthy relationship with food where you enjoy eating healthy food, where you only want to eat what you need and you lose the desire to eat the things that you know are bad for you and your waistline. I will help you feel better about yourself, have more energy and get into those clothes that you would like to wear.
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In just a single  session I will get to the root cause of why you eat the way you do and give you the new beliefs and thoughts that you want to have about food. You will almost immediately find yourself thinking very differently about food.

I can provide this service either online or face to face in Oxfordshire,  Buckinghamshire or Kent. I offer a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your weight issue and how I can help you please schedule a free initial call using the link below

“After 3 weeks on the programme, I have lost 5 kgs and will continue listening to the audio until I reach my target weight. I have no interest in anything sugary and have been more or less wheat free and dairy free without any effort.”
Annabelle, Berkshire


“After years of battling with emotional eating, trying different solutions and my weight yoyo-ing , this programme seems to really work for me. I did one session and used the recording as recommended by Jonathan. I highly recommend it”.
Leona, Bucks


“Highly recommended. Makes complete sense to me. Simple…no gimmicks. Positive thinking and sensible eating. I don’t think about food all the time now and happy with much less on my plate”
Rebecca, London