Overcome anxiety with RTT and Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy and RTT Therapy for Anxiety

Overcome Anxiety - In Just one Session

Are you feeling anxious? Does your anxiety hold you back? Do you wish you could leave this anxiety behind? If the answer to any of these is yes then I can help you using Hypnotherapy and RTT Hypnotherapy. I specialise in treating anxiety, and for most people, I can get them in a far better place in just one session with me.


I understand how you maybe feeling because I have been in that position myself. I suffered from crippling anxiety. My anxiety got so bad that I ended up with a huge list of issues including panic attacks, insomnia, self-sabotage and even physical problems such as eczema, constant stiffness in my body and IBS.


I had tried every form of counselling. I had been on anti-depressants. I was on a special diets and I had been to CBT classes. Nothing worked. Medication masked the symptoms. Counselling and CBT helped me understand why I was anxious. But these therapies did nothing actually to make me lose the anxiety.


In desperation, I tried hypnotherapy. What did I have to lose?


This experience was life-changing for me. In just one session of RTT Hypnotherapy, I became significantly less anxious, I became more confident, and I had greater clarity of thought. I was able to deal with the issues in my life. I even became confident enough to change career and become an RTT Therapist. In fact, I was one of the first people that Marisa Peer (the founder of RTT) trained. Since then, I have worked full-time as an RTT Hypnotherapist. I have successfully treated thousands of anxious people, and I even wrote a Best-Selling book on how to manage anxiety.


In my work as a Hypnotherapist and RTT Therapist, I have helped thousands of people to overcome this anxiety overwhelm in just 1 to 2 sessions. Indeed, 84% of people report a significant improvement in their well-being after a single session with me.

So, whatever is happening for you, you can move forward. If you want to change, I can help you. You simply need to be open-minded to working with Hypnotherapy (and yes, it is perfectly safe, and you are in total control).


I always like to talk to people before we work together. I want to be sure that I can help you and ensure that you are  comfortable with me. So, if you feel you want to move on, arrange your free, confidential discovery call with me now. 

You have nothing to lose, except this anxiety.

Client Testimonials
I feel less anxious in my chest, more happy to just sit with myself and think about what needs doing, and when I sit down to relax I feel like I’m choosing to do that – as opposed to doing it to avoid the fears and thoughts I was having. So once again, a deepest thank you.
Ben Fox, Oxford, UK
“It was great to be able to dig deep into my subconscious mind and find the rooted reasons and circumstances which brought upon my performance anxiety issues and regain my confidence in all aspects of my life. I strongly recommend.

Joanna Gallanis, London, UK

“I would have described myself as a broken man who thought that I was beyond help!
Jonathan worked his magic and I was waking up feeling that I was good enough and I always have been good enough.
James Kirkham, Thame UK
“My 11 year old son had just started his secondary school and was feeling very out of sorts and nervous. .
He is much more relaxed now, enjoying school mostly and still doing well.
Chris Badger, Witney, UK